Class Descriptions

Tiny Tots (age 2-3)

An introductory movement and dance class involving basic ballet steps as well as creative movement exercises. Dance games and visual aids are included.

Pre-Ballet 1 & 2 (age 4-5 & 5-6)

A basic ballet class where students will learn the positions of ballet as well as basic steps and terminology while also incorporating fun dance games.

Beginner Irish Dance (age 4+)

A fun, energetic class that introduces dancers to basic Irish dance movements, as well as the Jig and Reel. Dress code: Shorts, t-shirts, and white socks.

Teen/Adult Ballet

Ballet class geared towards adults and teens that want to either learn dance for the first time or hone skills from previous dance experience. The class is catered to those that sign up and individual attention is given. This class is also a great way to exercise!


This class consists of an energetic warm-up including isolations and stretching, followed by across-the-floor progressions and center-work with leaps and pirouettes. Jazz technique is derived from roots in Caribbean traditional dance and throughout history has developed in parallel to popular music.


Derived from ballet and modern dance, this class develops the student's mind and body connection through use of popular music. In addition to focusing on technique and movement, choreography may also be learned.

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